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Website Development

Data for Policy is a premier global forum for interdisciplinary and cross-sector discussions

around the impact and potentials of the digital revolution in the government sector

Website Services


As discussed we can provide a mix of services as simple or as sophisticated as requirements and budgets allow.

Website Development

From the discussions we have had with you we understand that, in the shorter term, you require changes to the website including: showing conference schedule on web pages, development of the onboarding process for conference speakers and delegates, and a delegate members only area for exclusive content.

In time you may require further development of the membership area to allow communication and debate between members.

We have drawn up three loose phases, listing the aims, and the task break down of the work that may be required in each phase.

In addition to web development we understand you require the following:


Essential maintenance updates to keep your site running smoothly, and regular back ups to keep your content safe.


On an ongoing basis you require WordPress support and at peak times (in the run up to, and during conferences) you will require a faster response time.


We recommend and provide various website optimisation technologies to keep your site fast, secure, and visible to search engines.

Hub & Plugins

Maintenance and optimisation are supplied through installation & configuration of our Maintenance, Management & Monitoring Hub &  Optimisation Plugin Suite.

Back Ups

At peak times you will also require more frequent back ups, in addition to faster support response times.

The DfP website can play a significant and increasing part in delivering the organisations aims.

Organisation Aims

  • Building a unique, cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary community
  • Bridging the gap between humanities, public & private sectors
  • Providing a platform for open debate
  • Further diversify the community

Website Development Aims

  • Easy sign up for real world and virtual conferences 
  • Keep debate running after conferences
  • Create spaces for these conversations to be deepened and sustained all year round
Website Development Phases

We have divided the requirements and their delivery into 3 phases

with outcomes to be achieved dependent on timings & available budget

Phases Summary

Website Development

Phase One

Short Term Enhancements

Registration & Conference Information


  • Create an efficient user onboarding experience
  • Provide easy access to conference information
  • Improve efficiency for website administrators
  • Improve user experience
  • Develop delegate member area
Website Development

Phase Two

Mid Term Enhancements

Speakers, Talks, CRM


  • Provide detailed speaker & talk information
  • Improve speaker onboarding flow
  • Reduce admin workload during speaker onboarding
  • Improve customer management procedures
  • Improve customer support procedures
Website Development

Phase Three

Long Term Enhancements

Membership, Forum & Social


  • Facilitate DfP to maintain contact with delegates, speakers & interested parties in between conferences
  • Provide a virtual space for conversations to be deepened & sustained all year round
  • Facilitate further diversification of the community

Phases Details

Website Development

Phase One

Short Term Enhancements

Task Breakdown

Registration & Conference Information



  • Extract Existing Users

  • Optimise Email Deliverability

  • Optimise Delegate Onboarding Flow

  • Develop Conference Registration Form

  • Build on-page Programme Schedule

  • Develop Delegate Member Area


Extract Existing Users 

  • Locate & extract existing users from the database
  • Prepare & send email invite so they can easily log in and register for the upcoming conference

Optimise Email Deliverability 

  • Devise, install, configure & test solution to improve deliverability of system emails

Optimise Delegate Onboarding Flow 

  • Build a 2 step onboarding process to be experienced as a single flow by the user

Develop Conference Registration Form

  • Develop, implement & test conference registration form, to include 2 streams:
    • Stream 1) Users who pay full rate
    • Stream 2) Users who pay discounted rate
  • Users paying the discounted rate must prove their eligibility in order to access discounted product

Build On-page Programme Schedule

  • Programme to be delivered on the page, not on PDF
  • Include timetable, to show who is speaking when
  • Explore options to view by timezone
  • Timetable to be Filtered by: speaker/author, tags, region, institution, reference number
  • Timetable Columns: title, speaker, time, short description, reference number

Develop Delegate Member Area

Pages for logged in delegates only, to include:

  • Links
  • YouTube Videos
  • Further contents TBC 
Website Development

Phase Two

Mid Term Enhancements 

Task Breakdown

Speaker, Talks, CRM



  • Set up On-Site Check out for Conference

  • Develop Speaker Onboarding Process
  • Create Speaker Profiles

  • Build Talk Information Pages

  • Implement and Configure On-site CRM Software & Helpdesk


Setup On-site Checkout for Conference Signup

Improve the user and admin experience by building products directly into the site, to allow checkout on this domain (without being redirected to Stripe).

Admins will easily be able to update conference ticket prices and create new products as necessary (e.g. discounted versions).

Discounted products could be made available to a particular user roles (ie eligible delegates).

Develop Speaker Onboarding Process

Create a form for speakers to fill out, which gathers all the information about them and their talk.

Upon completing the form, a custom post type called ‘Talk’ is automatically created. Talks can then automatically be displayed in a filterable table/grid/timetable.

All Talks to be created as a ‘Draft’ to allow admin to check & make amendments to them first. Admin to have complete control over & power to edit all inputted information.

Admin to publish Talk when it is ready.

Create Speaker Profiles

A profile page, with information about each speaker, and a speakers directory, where delegates can browse the different speaker profiles to find out more about each.

Each speaker will be able to fill in and edit their own profile inside their dashboard – minimising admin workload.

This can provide exposure for the speaker (as they feature on your website), incentivising them to populate their profile.

Simultaneously, the website can benefit from increased search engine optimisation, as the website will have more content, and anyone searching for the speaker on search engines may come across their profile on the Data for Policy website. 

Build Talk Information Page

Talks will be listed in the on-page conference programme. Each talk will have its own page with more information, which can be accessed by clicking on the talk title. 

Implement & Configure On-site Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) & Helpdesk

CRM software facilitates refinement of administrative procedures and automation of communications with all interested parties, including partners, speakers and delegates from current and previous conferences, and those enquiring on the website.

Features can include:

  • Easily Accessible Inside WordPress Dashboard
  • View client purchase history
  • Manage Delegates, Speakers, & Other Website Users
  • Streamline Promotion with Automated Promotional Email Campaigns 
  • Improve User Onboarding with Automated Email Sequences
  • Monitoring User Activities on Your Site with Activity Monitoring
  • Access All User Information in One Place with Client Overviews
  • Organise Users and Send them Relevant Communications with Customer List Segmentation
  • Easily Provide Support to Members with a Support Helpdesk (integrated with CRM)
  • Allow Any Staff Member to Respond to Tickets with a Simple Support Ticket System
Development Phase Three

Long Term Enhancements

Task Breakdown

Membership, Forum & Social



  • Develop website as online social community

  • Enable DfP members to connect under your brand

  •  Increase traffic, engagement & activity on your site

  • Improve SEO by hosting user generating content


Debate Forum

Providing a space for ongoing debate can benefit DfP in the similar ways as written above –  increasing reader/member engagement, growing the audience and traffic, and positioning DfP as an authority in the field of data discussion.

  • Membership Discussion Forums
  • Discussion groups
  • Public wall posts
  • Peer to Peer Direct Messaging
  • Activity wall

Social Community

Supply, install & configure a features to expand the website to become an online social community platform. This can benefit DfP by boosting engagement, facilitating debate, improving website SEO, by allowing the website to benefit from user generated content. Features include:

  • Member Profiles 
  • Searchable & Filterable Directory of Profiles
  • Display Member Profiles on a Searchable & Filterable World Map
  • Peer to Peer Messaging
  • Following (users can follow each other)
  • Social Logins (login via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • User Bookmarks (users can bookmark content) 
Managed WordPress

Supplied Through Installation & Configuration of our Management Hub & Plugin Suite

Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Managed Back ups
More Details


  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Link Checking


  • WP Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • PHP Updates


  • Incremental Backups
  • Cloud storage
  • Remote Off-site backups
  • Enhanced Security
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation
More Details

Speed Optimisation

  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Database Cleanup Function
  • Advanced Asset Optimise
  • Complete Cache Suite
  • Gzip file compression
  • Global Asset CDN
  • Gzip file compression

Image Optimisation

  • Auto image Compression
  • Backup original images
  • Optimize large images
  • Blazing fast image CDN
  • Automatic resize and scale
  • Ongoing WordPress Support
  • Weekdays 9-5pm – up to 3 hours pcm
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Peak time support (1 hr response)
More Details


  • Email based support
  • Extra support available by the hour
  • Any WordPress issue

Enhanced Security

  • Malware & Hack Recovery
  • Scheduled Security Scans
  • Login Protection & Masking
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Blocklist Monitoring
  • Changed File Restore & Repair
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Two-Factor Authentication