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Taking payments from clients through your website is easy, fast, and incredibly flexible. Through your website’s integrated payment system, you can:

Connect Stipe, Paypal & More
Take One-Off Payments
Take Subscription Payments
Charge Sign-Up Fees
Bill Clients Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly
Offer Discount Coupons
Run Sales
Take Payment Automatically
Automate Purchase Confirmation Emails, Receipts & Invoices
Automatically Log Customer Purchases in CRM
Automate Upsell / Cross-Sell Campaigns
Offer Free Trials
Store Address
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Which payment gateways will you offer?
We recommend that you select Woocommerce Payments. With this option, you can manage your payments from inside your website. If you prefer, you can use Paypal or Stripe, but you will need to manage all payments by logging in to those platforms.